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conversation heart galentine 3d pop embosser

Conversation Heart Galentine 3D POP Embosser with Matching Clay Cutter | Texture Tile Raised Debossing Stamp

RM 39.00


Conversation Heart Galentine 3D Pop Embosser Texture Tile allows you to create detailed raised pattern on your polymer clay slab, perfect for Galentine's Day creation. 
Comes with a matching heart clay cutter. 

3D Pop Embosser gives a raised 3D effect on fondants or clay, which is the reverse of Embosser.

They are specifically designed to be used in fondant, modelling chocolate, gum paste and polymer clay.
Made with food grade plastic you can be confident you're investing in a tool that last a lifetime. 

3D Pop Embosser does not comes with handle to ease in applying pressure with rolling pin.

3D Pop Embosser colour may vary from listing, depending on availability.
3D Pop Embosser are made to order.
We will do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible!


Conversation Heart Galentine Pattern 3D Pop Embosser Texture Tile

Heart cutter: Measures 25mm (0.98 inch) longest side.

Four expressions in one tile.

Talk to us if you need a different size or design!

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