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sweet sensation gacha x C&C cutters 2

From Teacher Wai Fon:

I heard many people wishing for "Royal Icing Cookie Gashapon Machine / Candy Machinev-Online Course" (English Version )

So, I decided to pre-launch it today!


Offer price: Starting today to 10 Apr 24 (extended), sign up and pay, and you can directly enjoy this discount!


Online course content includes:

✅ Video of making cookie dough and frosting (the most basic skills)

✅ Identify the Consistency of royal icing 

✅ Precautions when adjusting color and frosting

✅ Make the mechanism and applying royal icing for the gashapon machine / candy machine step by step

✅ Mold (need to be purchased separately)

⚠️ You can watch the course first and then purchase it if necessary



If you want to purchase the course directly, you can click the link below .

Sign up Info 

sweet sensation gacha x C&C cutters

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