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Rectangle Arch Polymer Clay Cutter

RM 7.00


Rectangle Arch Polymer Clay Cutter comes with 3 different sizes.
Pair them with our Rounded triangle clay shape cutter to create cute dangle pieces!

They are specifically designed to be used in Polymer Clay making, Fondant and Gum Paste.
Our Clay cutters is suitable to cut material up to 8mm (0.3in) thickness.
Clay cutters have cutting sharp edge, 0.35mm - 0.4mm (0.014in - 0.015in).
Made with food grade plastic and dishwasher safe you can be confident you're investing in a tool that last a lifetime.

Cutters colour may vary from listing, depending on availability.
Cutters are made to order.
We will do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible!

All efforts are taken to reduce any bumps created during the making the cutters, however sometimes some will slip through our checks. These are light & can be easily smoothen during your sanding process.


Cutter 20mm: Measures 20mm x 13mm (0.78in x 0.51in).
Cutter 25mm: Measures 25mm x 17mm (0.98in x 0.67in).
Cutter 30mm: Measures 30mm x 20mm (1.18in x 0.79in).

Talk to us if you need a different size or design!


It's so easy to use, even kids can get involved! 

Tip: Work and cut your polymer clay on a ceramic or glass tile to obtain the best results. 

1. Roll your clay to around 3mm thick (get a custom pin guide from us).
*Imprint cutter suitable for 2.5mm thickness.

2. Place the cutters on your clay and press evenly. making sure you cut all the way through to your working surface, gently rub the cutter on it to make sure the clay separates completely. 

3. Lightly lift the cutter from the clay.

If your polymer clay sticks to the cutter, dust some cornflour or baby powder on your clay before cutting or dip your cutter into corn flour before using it on the clay. This will help releasing the cutter from the clay. This helps a lot with very small cutters or cutters with very fine detailed edges.

4. Smooth any small imperfections with your fingers or sand down after the clay has been cured. 


Dishwasher safe, temperature below 70°C / 158°F.

Wash gently with a mini brush, or toothpick to remove any clay stuck in the sharp/small edges. 

While our cutters are designed to be durable and strong, any excessive force or apply horizontal pressure will damage the product's integrity.
Thus, please handle it with care to ensure the longevity of the cutters. 
Do Not place cutters in oven.


How long do you take to process my order?
Our tools are made to order and can take 2-4 days to ship. We will do our best to ship all orders as quickly as possible!
Please talk to us before hand if you have a specific dateline, we will let you know if we can accommodate your schedule.

How long and how much does it take to deliver my order?
We ship worldwide. Please refer to our shipping policy here.

Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we do!
It would depend on your location, please refer to our rewards program here

Can I pick up my orders or arrange my own delivery?
Yes, you can!
Please talk to us and arrange before ordering thou.

Can I combine orders?
Combined shipping available. If you purchase multiple items in a single purchase, you will pay shipping just once. 
If you have put through an order that hasn't been sent yet and you would like to add something, please message us and we will organize combined shipping if possible. 

Whats the difference between cookie cutters and clay cutters?
Our Cookie Cutters have a sturdier wall and a sharp edge (0.4mm), our cookie cutters are usually 15mm tall.
Cookie Cutters are more suitable for for cookie dough, cake, modelling chocolate and cheese.

Our Clay cutter have a thinner wall and sharper edge (0.3mm-0.4mm), our clay cutters are usually 8mm tall,
Clay Cutters are more suitable for polymer clay making, fondant and gum paste.

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