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How To Make Eid Raya Two Toned Fondant Decorated Cookies

How To Make Eid Raya Two Toned Fondant Decorated Cookies

Have you been mesmerized by the beauty of two toned fondant cookies scattered across the internet and found yourself pondering how to recreate these gorgeous pieces? Let's be honest, mastering this skill might seem a bit tricky at first, but fear not, we'll guide you to crafting these visually stunning cookies right in your own kitchen. 

With Eid Hari Raya 2024 just around the corner, join us as we showcase the intricate steps to create this gorgeous two toned fondant cookeis featuring an elegant mosque door frame design.


Before we dive into the decorating, lets gather our essentials:

Decorating Process

  1. Prepare two (or more) different coloured fondant of your choice. 
  2. Dust some corn flour on the 3D Pop Embosser and tap out excess.
  3. Place small amount of fondant onto the details part of the 3D Pop Embosser.
    sugar cookie recipe 1sugar cookie recipe 1
  4. Use a scraper and scrape small amount of fondant into the grooves at a time. Repeat scraping process untill all excess fondant is removed.
    sugar cookie recipe 1sugar cookie recipe 1

    Tip: Use finger to wipe out excess on the sides or maneuver the fondant into the grooves / small areas.
  5. Place second coloured fondant (base fondant) on top of the 3D Pop Embosser and roll over using rolling pin.
    sugar cookie recipe 1
    I'm using depth guides that fit into my rolling pin to ensure that my fondant thickness is at 5mm. 
    This will ensure my final fondant thickness for cookie is around 2-3mm. 
  6. Remove fondant from the 3D Pop Embosser gently and slowly. 
    If you've noticed some part of the details are not sticking to the base fondant, try to peel off from another direction and you might be able to save it.
    sugar cookie recipe 1sugar cookie recipe 1
  7. Use cookie cutter to cut out fondant.
    sugar cookie recipe 1
  8. Stamp on sweet messages like 'Eid Mubarak', 'Selamat Hari Raya' using font embossers.
    sugar cookie recipe 1
    Tip: Tap the font embossers on some lustre dust to easily achieve coloured words on fondant.
  9. Brush a thin layer of water on the back of the fondant piece and stick it on top of the baked cookie.
    sugar cookie recipe 1

While these mosque door frame pattern cookies are elegant on their own, they are also perfect when presented together with other Eid Raya designs! Here are some other designs created with two toned fondant technique.

sugar cookie recipe 1sugar cookie recipe 1

These fondant decorated pieces can also be serve as embellishments for cupcakes, brownies, cakes, perfect for sharing the joy of Eid celebration!  

Happy decorating! ️⭐🌙

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